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VETAAL is presented at AAL-Austria-Summit

VETAAL is presented at AAL-Austria-Summit

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ilse Krypsin-Exner took part in a panel discussion at the AAL AUSTRIA Summit hosted by the “AAL AUSTRIA – platform for innovations in the field of intelligent assistance in everyday life”. At this event, she introduced VETAAL to the discussants and the audience. In addition Mag. Anna-Katharina Heinzle presented the VETAAL project through a poster at the Summit.

This year’s Summit shed light on existing products, developments and research results as well as giving an outlook on the next necessary steps and visions which directions AAL could take.

In the morning several keynote speakers gave a varied introduction to AAL. First important questions were raised which reached from “What are the motives behind AAL?” to “Where is the tipping point when AAL offers the individual too much help?” (Univ.-Prof. DDDr. Clemens Sedmak). Then the lecture focused on contemporary research results regarding the implementation and usage of “Smart Homes”.

A view of the important points were that the technical products have to work properly from day 1, that a possibility for social/video interaction through the operating elements should be implemented and that support for the inhabitants should be available for an extended period of time (Dr. Sibylle Meyer). The last keynote lecture focused on the development of past and future projects concerning AAL in the EU (Dr. Karina Marcus).

In the afternoon Mag. Anna-Katharina Heinzle attended a workshop which dealt with the topic of an AAL education. During the workshop four major issues were discussed: “Who would need or profit from an education concerning AAL?”, “Where should or could this education be taught?”, “How should the surrounding conditions for such an education look like?” and “What should the courses consist of?”

The workshop led to rich discussions in which project VETAAL could be presented. Afterwards em. o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ilse Krypsin-Exner took part in a panel discussion which focused on ethical concerns involved in the development and distribution of AAL technologies. All in all it was a successful and rich event that offered excellent networking chances to introduce project VETAAL to a broader community.

Copies of the VETAAL poster were provided in form of handouts.